And the Winners Are …

The first annual Numberman LLC giveaway is done. Huge thanks to those that participated.

The rules were simple: leave a review, get entered to win one of three cash prizes. We actually have four winners because I mis-numbered the list of participants with two number 12’s which shifted numbers 12 and greater off by one. Number 20 was drawn so in the end the mis-numbered 20 won and so did the person who should have been 20.

Without much further ado, here are the winners and what they said about Numberman, LLC


$100 Baer owner of Americana Frame

Baer is a certified picture framer and owns Americana Frame on NE 42 and Fremont. He constructs custom frames and shadow boxes for you to display just about anything.

I’ve seen him in action and have some of his work. I can attest to his excellent skill and knowledge. I’ll never buy a pre-made frame again.

This is Baer’s review …

One of the easiest vendors I deal with. He made learning what I need to know as a small business person, almost painless—but making total sense. He has worked seamlessly with our tax accountant to present a comprehensive accounting of our business—which has saved us money. I don’t want to think of doing business without Ben. I’m so glad he’s in the neighborhood.

$75 Karl owner of Ernst Armory

Karl and his brother started Ernst Armory about 10 years ago. They are an online retailer of gun parts especially for the FAL. These brothers are very knowledgeable about the FAL and are really wonderful people. Check them out next time you break your FAL’s cocking handle or need a correct part for your build.

This is Karl’s review …

I’ve used Ben’s accounting services for years. He’s professional, thorough, accurate, helpful, and a good guy too.

$50 Dani owner of Terrain Wellness

Dr. Dani Anderson is a licensed naturopathic doctor and owner of Terrain Wellness, an integrative medical practice founded in 2016. It is based on the principal of treating the whole person; with a view to psychological integration and a healthy emotional outlook being central to both physical health and life fulfillment, a philosophy I can fully support. I have found that integrative care has benefited me way more than traditional health care ever has.

This is Dr. Dani’s review …

Ben is patient, kind and calm. He handles my bookkeeping and accounting. He is very quick to get a hold of and always answers my questions and concerns. I would 100% recommend Ben for all of your accounting needs!

$50 Mary Ann owner of Waterlink Web

Mary Ann is the owner of Waterlink Web, a company that offers a full spectrum of web services, website design and development, content, hosting, WordPress training, SEO and photography. She does great web work and is fun to work with. She built this website and provides me with monthly services helping with backup, updates and content creation.

This is Mary Ann’s review …

I switched to Numberman LLC for my taxes three years ago. Ben Harris does his research and knows how to help small business owners like me file correctly while keeping as much of our hard earned dollars as we legally can. 
He’s smart, has a quick sense of humor, and is easy to work with. I will keep coming back!

To the winners and reviews, thanks for wonderful feedback. It was fun for me and the 5 stars really help Numberman LLC’s online presence.

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