Bring Out the Birthday Cake for Numberman LLC!

Numberman LLC is three years old. Here is a look at how and why Numberman LLC started. In my next post I will describe what I’ve learned since, and where I see us going.

Ben Harris, owner of Numberman LLC

Ben Harris, Numberman LLC

The Beginning

In Octber 2013 I had just returned from working in Alaska and I had enough of it. I wanted that be my last trip ever and knew I had to find job at home to guarantee it.

No biggie, right? Wrong.

Long story short, I was at a place in my life where lacked all confidence in myself especially in the job market. It took me 10 years to get my degree and my grades were “average”, like C average. Except for a few classes school never interested me so I didn’t apply myself. I never had an internship. I had no career path after years working in Alaska or wherever the wind blew. I didn’t think anyone would hire me.

On top of that I realized how much I despised being an employee. Trading my time for money in some job was a terrible trade to me. What if I could make great money somewhere? Well, that didn’t interest me either. It was still payment to fulfill another persons dream. I hated feeling restricted by a company’s product offering or operations manual. I wanted to give 100% of me. Not 50% me, 30% corporate BS, 20% sales pitch.

Getting Started

Fortunately, I had learned to work hard in Alaska and had money saved. While I was creating the business plan for another idea, I realized it would require a large capital investment for equipment: loans or more cash. I had enough student loans already!

It was about this time that my dad, a CPA, suggested that I start a bookkeeping business. Now, I don’t like listening to my dad, but I did it anyway. Bookkeeping required small investment to start and could potentially generate the revenue I needed.

I came up with a name, bought a laptop, accounting software and branding for Numberman LLC. I got my first client, then second, then another, and another. I found myself enjoying the work with technology, numbers, and people.


Thirty-six months and 3 tax seasons later, Numberman, LLC is a success and continues to grow.

In Numberman, LLC’s first three years I have learned a lot about myself, running a business, and relationships. My next post will cover some common themes related to starting a business and how they applied to Numberman LLC as we were getting going and continue to grow.

Bonus Content: Alaska Flashback Video

In the meantime, here’s a video from my years of working in Alaska. Enjoy!

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