How Our Partnership With YMR Consulting Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

I am excited to announce Numberman, LLC’s partnership with Yen Mai and her company, YMR Consulting. YMR offers financial and data analysis and consulting services.

Numberman LLC Expanding Services

This is an exciting expansion of the services offered at Numberman. We do our wonderful job compiling records, bookkeeping and preparing financial statements. We help you understand what the statements mean and what the figures are. YMR Consulting then takes it a step further by analyzing those records and statements to measure financial performance, strategize and help guide business decisions to achieve financial goals.

Yen Mai, founder of YMR Consulting

Yen Mai, founder of YMR Consulting

Introducing Yen Mai

YMR’s founder Yen Mai has over 10 years of experience in finance and data analysis across many industries. Her background is in math and economics and she has an MBA in Finance and Data Analysis from Willamette University. She is currently a Senior Financial Analyst at Kaiser Permanente. The list goes on, her credentials are attached to this blog post.

Always Learning

I met Yen at a QuickBooks training a couple years ago. Yen isn’t a bookkeeper and didn’t work for one but was there gaining more knowledge related to her finance field. I love it. I found a fellow believer that learning and exploring never stops! We’ve been in contact since, talking accounting, business, and life. I’m glad she’s offering her expertise with us to help grow our client’s businesses stronger and more sustainable. When Yen is not deep in the spreadsheets, she likes running in Forest Park, shopping for fresh veggies at Saturday market and volunteering at the Oregon Food Bank.

Additional Services Offered

Below is a list of services offered by YMR Consulting. Give us a call us at 503-568-1316 or email us at if you are interested in any of these and how YMR can help make all of your wildest financial dreams come true.

Financial Analysis

  • Financial performance analysis — Analyze your company’s financial performance with key financial ratios to evaluate Profitability, Liquidity, Cash Management.
  • Budgeting/Forecasting — Objectively measure future financial performance by projecting expense, revenue, and the resulting profitability goals.
  • Financial Modeling — Establish a dynamic financial tool that reflects your business, then use it to evaluate scenarios and plan the best path forward.
  • Building Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Financial Dashboard and Metrics
  • Analyze financial data and build a dashboard to measure the financial performance by Month/Quarter/Year
  • Pricing Strategy Analysis — Analyze the market price and optimize your pricing to improve the margins, surpass the competition and drive growth.
  • Cost Analysis — Analyze Cost Allocation, Cost Drivers – Direct cost, Fixed Cost, Variable Cost – to find opportunities for cost-cutting and saving more money for the business.

Data Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tracking/Metrics — Determine the KPIs that drive your company’s successes, the implement processes, and tools to track them and measure the productivity,
  • Investor Reporting to all investors and partners
  • Paint an accurate and insightful picture of your business to debt and equity stakeholders.

Click here for a 2-page printable PDF of Yen’s experience and work history.



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