Prices For Tax Preparation and Filing at Numberman, LLC

Here is a list of our tax prep prices

The price list below is to give an idea of cost. It is à la carte .

Start with the plate, a federal and one state tax return for $200. Adding on different items or components will increase the price. For example adding self employment, a business (Schedule C) adds $225 for a total of $425. This list is just to give a general idea and is +/- subject to discounts or additional costs all of which will be disclosed to you.

Personal Tax Prep Prices

Personal (all filing status) Federal & one state return $200

Each additional state +$75

Interest & dividend income +$25

Contributions to retirement plans $25-50

Education exp/student loan interest +$25

Schedule A Itemized Deductions +$100

Sch D – stock sales, gains & losses +$75-100

Sch C – Self employment (per each biz) +$225 (includes home office & depreciation forms & local taxes)

Sch E – Rental, Air B&B +$150

K1 pass through income +$75

1095-A Health Insurance marketplace +$60

Other TBD

Corporate, Partnership and non-profit

  Return prices start at $650


Where do we get our prices? The market of course, where the price for everything comes from. They are based on national data adjusted for region, inflation and value added.

2017 NSA survey on fee and expense




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