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Interview with Numberman LLC, Part 2 of 2

Thanks for coming back to read Part 2 of an interview with Numberman LLC. In case you missed it, check out Part 1 posted last week. Today I’m sharing some of my challenges in running a business, a little bit of my humor, and what makes me a better accountant than the next guy or […]

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Interview with a Numberman, Part 1 of 2

Thanks for checking out my blog. I would like to share the transcript from an interview I did about Numberman, LLC. It touched on the business, accounting industry and personal life. There were some interesting and fun questions mixed in too. Enjoy! Why did your start Numberman, LLC? I went a bit in depth about […]

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Secrets to Starting a New Business

Numberman LLC is three years old, growing, and successful. In my last post I shared what motivated me to start Numberman LLC. In this post I’m sharing some common themes and how they apply to creating and growing a business. Fake It ’till You Make It I really didn’t know what I was doing when […]

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Bring Out the Birthday Cake for Numberman LLC!

Numberman LLC is three years old. Here is a look at how and why Numberman LLC started. In my next post I will describe what I’ve learned since, and where I see us going. The Beginning In Octber 2013 I had just returned from working in Alaska and I had enough of it. I wanted […]

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Checking In From the Tax War

There is less than 2 weeks until the personal income tax filing deadline. It’s been a really busy season at Numberman LLC. I’m working up to 14 hours some days. I enjoy it because it reminds me of the grinds I did fishing in Alaska. It’s nothing but work, eat, work, sleep, work, repeat. I’ve […]

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