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2017 Tax Filing Deadlines

I thought I was done with deadlines once I finished school. Nope! Being a tax accountant, I know deadlines come one after the other. You are probably familiar with the April filing deadline, but there are many other filing deadlines throughout the year. When you complete one, there’s another around the corner. When you finish them all, […]

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File a 1099 Form – Quick and Dirty Filing Info for Small Businesses

Small Businesses and Self Employed individuals may need to send a 1099 form to those they paid. Deadline: January 31 I’m guessing many of you reading this are familiar with the 1099.  If not, here is the deal. The 1099 form is a document the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refers to as an “information return.”  This […]

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Oregon Income Tax Subtractions

Here is the list of Oregon income tax subtractions and their Oregon Revised Statutes!  Does anything ring a bell?  You may be able to reduce your Oregon income tax burden by claiming a subtraction for income or expenses in the year. Click a link below to find out more about the specific subtraction on the OREGON.gov website. […]

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