Tax Preparation Process at Numberman LLC

With tax season here again I’d like to take a chance to let new or prospective clients know our tax preparation process. We love to accommodate our clients the best we can (within reason) so there are some options at each stage depending on your style. Check out our process and visualize working with Numberman LLC this year.

1. Inquire Within

Call, email or text us! Ask if we’re accepting clients. If “Yes”, we will ask for some information about your situation in order to give you a quote. You can also just include information in your first email. Be sure to check out the blog post, Prices For Tax Preparation and Filing at Numberman LLC. If you like what you read, then let’s proceed.

Numberman LLC office at 5257 NE MLK Blvd.

Numberman LLC at 5257 NE MLK Blvd, Suite 101-B

2. Provide Documents

Gather all those tax documents you’ve received in the mail and a copy of last year’s return. If you have a business, compile a list of income and expenses. Include totals for each category. Come by the office and to drop them on us. We’ll also take a moment to interview you about the year and gather information for your returns.

Go Remote

Super busy or don’t like to leave the house? No problem! We can work remotely. We’ll share a Drive or send you a link that allows you to upload files directly to us. Then, we’ll follow up with a phone call or email to do the interview part.

3. We Prepare Returns

We do not prepare returns on the spot unless you pay us a lot of money to cut the line. At Numberman LLC we don’t like to rush and risk a half ass job. As the return develops we will likely have more questions and information/document requests. Expect a call or email from us to request additional information.

Ben Harris hamming it up with long-time client, John Aschenbrenner

Ben Harris hamming it up with long-time client, John Aschenbrenner

4. You Review and Approve the Returns

Once the return is completed we send you a draft copy to review. Make sure we spelled your name right (we do numbers, not letters) and double-check your personal information. You’ll see what the damage is and can ask us any questions you have. We will answer them all! When you approve of our work we will prepare the returns for filing.

5. Finish Up

Now we move on to the last steps:

  • Filing
  • Payment
  • Signatures

Come to the Office

Yes! I would love to see you again. Come in to pick up your tax documents, sign your tax returns or E-File authorization forms, and pay us for our services. In some instances, in-person completion is preferred. For example, if you have multiple years of returns and vouchers, paper filings, etc., you should plan on coming into the office.

We will always take the time to sit down and go through the returns with clients and gossip about the latest Hollywood drama or things in real life.

Go Remote

Too busy binge-watching Black Mirror or The 100 and can’t leave the house? Yeah, same here, but in the offseason. We most often do Step 5 remotely. You’ll receive PDFs of your returns. We ask you to electronically sign the documents. If you owe, we email payment instructions and vouchers. We send our invoice and you can pay online (ACH — Automated Clearing House) or mail a check.

6. We File the Returns

We E-File returns with the tax agencies once we receive the signed E-file authorization and payment for our services. If for some reason we’re filing paper returns, you pay us at the time we will provide filing copies.


Questions? Comments? Snide remarks? Leave a reply, send a message, or pick up the phone and call/text.

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