Income Tax Refund – Where’s My Refund / Money / Flat Screen TV?

It’s income tax “Refund Season”!

Find out where your refund is.

Not everyone gets a refund, but for those that do, its probably the second best part tax filing.  First place goes to when the direct deposit hits the bank or the check arrives in the mail. Unfortunately, our need of immediate gratification isn’t satisfied in this process.  After submitting your taxes, there’s an unbearable period of suspense waiting for the refund.  Until now… gotta love the internet, we can ease the pain with “Where’s My Refund” online look-ups.  We can see where our money is and when to expect it (hopefully before the credit card bill is due or repo man comes).  See the links below.


To find out where your federal and Oregon income tax refunds are you will need your tax returns. Click the links below, enter the required information. 

People income tax refund money raining down

IRS – “Wheres My Federal Refund?”

For your Federal refund you will need your SSN, filing status, exact FEDERAL refund amount.

OR -“Where’s my Oregon Refund?

For the Oregon refund you will need your SSN, filing status, exact OREGON refund amount.

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